The Matterhorn, unique amongst mountains: cutting up from the jagged horizon, it  bares its sabre’s tooth up into an unresisting sky. No one can resist its spell, every set of eyes that  looks upon it must stop in its tracks and stare, attempting to take in its logic-defying profile. It is  no surprise that its silent call tempted a first successful climb as early as 1865.

At the foot of this rare beast of legend lies the village of Zermatt. Once no more than a  mountain village, it has become one of the most beloved of Switzerland’s retreats. In this oasis,  both diehard alpinists as well as jet-set guests experience the peak of their enjoyments, deep in  the heart of the Swiss alps.

The town still boasts the remains of antique wooden huts, whose inhabitants were likewise  moved by the beauty and mystery of the Matterhorn. Alongside these traces of its hundreds of  years of unique history, the village centre now houses several high fashion boutiques, top art  galleries, and luxury hotels.

We can scarcely imagine a more fitting location for a boutique specialising in Haute Horlogerie.  In the heart of this magical and inspiring place you can now immerse yourself in the fascinating  world of watches, and choice jewelled design pieces.